Trump Should Never Have Been The US President

Russian Interference in Our Elections and Our Polls

“Russian attempts to interfere in the election were first disclosed publicly by members of the United States Congress in September 2016, confirmed by US intelligence agencies in October 2016, and further detailed by the Director of National Intelligence office in January 2017.” (

Then on November 7, 2022, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close associate of Putin’s, said “Russians had interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections and would continue doing so in the future . . .”

Russian hackers could be regrouping ahead of elections, Microsoft warns. (CNN, Nov. 2023) Our democracy is at risk! Microsoft’s report came on the same day that a cybersecurity company said Russia had been able to exploit a previously unknown vulnerability in the Outlook email program. (NBC News, Oct. 2023)


1. Microsoft has proved that Russian cyber attacks account for at least 58% of the daily hacking into the United States.

2. These attacks include (1) food and supply distribution, (2) gas and oil, (3) banking and financial systems, (4) government, security, and military operations, (5) elections and polls, and so on.

President Biden’s current polling numbers are bad for ONE REASON – Russians. Poll-numbers sway voter opinions.

3. Putin’s number one goal is to destroy the U.S. and our democracy from within. He is succeeding! The tools used: hatred, violence, racism, antisemitism, brainwashing, cyber-attacks, misinformation and disinformation, and perhaps most of all the conversion of Russian assets including Donald J. Trump.

I am not Dan Rather or Liz Cheney, but I worked in the Russia arena for about 35 years – 12 years with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) of which 8 years was studying to read, write, speak, and correct a Russian data base of military, technical, and intelligence material. I then moved to the Soviet Union expecting to be there for one year, but about 20 years later I was still living and working in this region. I became bi-cultural – thought, looked-like, and behaved like a Russian. I was the senior manager of several large U.S.-based nonprofits working in Russia and Central Asia.

From Democracy to Democrazy was written for one purpose – to warn all Americans of the crucial and overlooked Russian clandestine danger slowly absorbing our democracy from within. The influences of Putin’s strategies quietly attempt to reshape the trajectory of American politics – and he is winning. The shadow cast by Putin over the landscape of American democracy, and his influence and CONTROL over Trump, grows larger and darker by the moment.

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret Clearance at a young age and worked undercover with the CIA for nearly a decade. Then she joined Science Applications International, a division called the Foreign Systems Research Center (FSRC) where she spent 12 years of which 8 years was studying Russian. Her job as the Data Base Manager of the largest Russian-language military, technical, and intelligence library taught her to “correct” technical Russian. She was also the Software Configuration Manager for a $5M USG contract to deploy and mobilize Russian troops and trains in the case of a declaration of war. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. This move was intended to be for one year, but twenty years later she was still returning to live/work in former communist and dictator countries. She was also a consultant in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Rwanda. Over time, she became “Russianized.” Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in a communist or dictator-led country is shared with Americans in her book From Democracy to Democrazy. Few Americans appreciate our democracy and freedoms more than Graham. This book is intended as a “warning” to all Americans regarding Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words and how his actions are destroying our precious democracy.

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