The Israel-Hamas War and Putin’s Role

The Israel – Hamas War I often receive political messages from others, and this morning I found a “peace plan” for the Israel-Hamas war written by Jeffrey Sachs. His plan – as usual – is excellent. He wrote: “In all the years of Hamas rule in Gaza after 2007, Hamas has never captured Israel territory, much less remotely threatened Israel’s existence or survival. Simply, it couldn’t do so even if it wanted. Hamas has around 30,000 fighters, compared with more than 600,000 active and reserve personnel in the IDF. Hamas lacks an air force, armored unit, a military-industrial base, and […]

The Future of the United States

The Future of the United States A message to Elizabeth Graham from Heather Cox Richardson begins by saying:  “On a clear, cold morning of December 1890, on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, three U.S. soldiers tried to wrench a valuable Winchester away from a young Lakota man.”  In the end, these soldiers massacred the men, women, and children of the Lakota’s that day. What a heart-wrenching tale, but with an incredible ending of “One of the curses of history is that we cannot go back and change the course leading to disasters, no matter how much we might […]

Putin’s Revenge On The US

I wrote From Democracy to Democrazy with one intent in mind – warn American voters of the Russian/Putin influence in our lives and on our democracy. I spent about 20 years living and working in Russia and Central Asia – six dictator-led countries. I became bi-cultural. As an American this was an arduous transition, but over time I learned to look-like, behave-like, and understand Russian and Russians. In the early 1990’s, The Moscow Business Survival Guide wrote: “The most fundamental concepts that have guided your judgement for a lifetime are not even known, much less understood here.” As an American, […]