The Israel-Hamas War and Putin’s Role

The Israel – Hamas War

I often receive political messages from others, and this morning I found a “peace plan” for the Israel-Hamas war written by Jeffrey Sachs. His plan – as usual – is excellent. He wrote: “In all the years of Hamas rule in Gaza after 2007, Hamas has never captured Israel territory, much less remotely threatened Israel’s existence or survival. Simply, it couldn’t do so even if it wanted. Hamas has around 30,000 fighters, compared with more than 600,000 active and reserve personnel in the IDF. Hamas lacks an air force, armored unit, a military-industrial base, and any geographic maneuverability outside of Gaza.” Jeffrey proposals a UN-sponsored peace plan for the area.

Peace would be nice in the Mid-East, but this war was NOT just about Hamas/Gaza and Israel. It was used as a pawn in a larger strategic plan and two of these more powerful forces include Iran and Russia. In the last two years, Putin has visited Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries of the region. He was greeted with planes flying overhead and lavish welcoming receptions.

This war between Hamas and Israel was most likely staged by Putin/Russia and Iran – who weaponized and supported Hamas to the south and Hezbollah to the north. Strategically, Putin probably prearranged the timing of the Israel-Hamas War to draw media (and therefore American public) attention away from Ukraine. Since the mid-east war, he has: increased his attacks on Ukraine, the U.S. is plummeting spending and supplying weapons for Ukraine, and the Republican Congress – still operating with instructions from Trump – is exploiting this opportunity to negotiate a border deal with Biden.

In 1997, a 600+ page book surfaced in Russia called The Foundations of Geopolitics. While it was authored by several Russian Army Generals, Putin was propositioned to be the ghost writer since this book outlines his plans as the 2nd President of Russia. It primarily appeals for the internal destruction of the U.S. democracy, BREXIT, re-establishing the pre-NATO world, the destruction of Ukraine and reabsorbing this land, post-communist military operations, befriend Germany and France, world dominance, and on and on. Russia has loaned $9.8 million to Marie LePen, the French presidential opposition leader. Many of these items listed in this book have been realized – especially the destruction of the U.S. democracy. We are seeing this happening now!!!

Putin loathes the United States and condemns us for the demise of the Soviet Union. For the past 23 years since he became President of Russia, he and his KGB/FSB brethren have played-out his strategic plans for our devastation. For Putin, the Cold War never ended and will not until he has reinstated the world order according to his distorted realism. This reality included grooming Trump, who most likely was compromised many years ago. The Russian KGB uses several tools in this effort: flattery, money, and beautiful women. Trump was susceptible to all three. In 2008, Trump Jr. announced in a N.Y. conference that a large amount of the Trump assets is funded by Russian money. (

In other words, Trump was on the KGB payroll for at least ten years before the Russians maneuvered Trump into the U.S. Presidency. In addition, every single hotel room in Russia where a foreigner-stays has spy devices in the ceiling and walls. Trump was probably caught with his pants down, photographed, and then shown these photos at the Helsinki Summit.


While the American media spotlight, ever enthralled by the sensationalism of the moment, remains focused on Trump’s legal woes AND the war in Israel, a crucial and overlooked danger continues to unfold. The influence of Putin’s strategies quietly attempts to reshape the trajectory of American politics. He is succeeding. The shadow cast by Putin over the landscape of American democracy, and his influence and control over Trump grows larger and darker by the moment. The war in Israel was just a part of his overall plan. It has distracted the world from his annihilation of the sovereign nation of Ukraine and the slaughter of their people.

If Sachs and others acknowledge that Hamas was not capable of capturing or even threatening Israel in the past, then where do you propose they acquired the weapons and the manpower to attack Israel now? There are larger forces at work in this war – and they are strategically fueled by hatred for Israel and the United States. Our country is way, way behind in this second version of the Cold War.

Elizabeth Graham, 

Elizabeth Grahm had a Top-Secret Clearance during her senior year in high school (her father was a senior CIA manager) and she worked undercover with the CIA at the age of 17 for many years thereafter. In her 30’s, she joined the Foreign Systems Research Center (SAIC-FSRC) for 12 years, of which 8 years was spent studying Russia and Russian.  She managed the largest Russian-language military, technical and intelligence library in the U.S. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. She lived under communism and dictator-led countries in the Soviet Union, then Russia, and Central Asia long enough to become bi-cultural – she became Russian. Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in dictatorship country is shared with Americans in her book, From Democracy To Democrazy, as well as an alarming expression of unadulterated fear of Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words. She says: Trump is not “saving America, but someone who is on the KGB-payroll and is destroying our democracy.”




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