Trump’s Stupidity – The Russia Connection

Trump’s admission of his guilt is a reflection of not just his stupidity, but the arrogance with which he leads his life. This is a man who is lock, stock, and barrel under the control of Vladimir Putin who is a dictator who wishes to destroy the United States. Trump’s stupidity led to his 4 bankruptcies, which led to NO loans from U.S. banks, which led to his borrowing money and sucked into working with Russians.

Russians loan money to foreigners for ONE reason – to gain control and compromise that individual. They loaned about $9 million to France’s opposition leader Ms. Le Pen. Trump Jr. said in 2008 “In terms of high-end product influx into the U.S., Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” In other words, ten years before Trump became President, most of his income came from Russia. The Russians even openly admitted to election interference and support for Trump in 2016, and they said that they would continue this effort.


So the real crime committed by Trump most likely has been treason – and Trump must be extremely stupid to believe that the FBI, DOJ, CIA and a host of other law enforcement agencies are not aware of his crime.

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret Clearance at the age of 16, and worked undercover with the CIA at the age of 17. Then she joined the Foreign Systems Research Center where she spent 12 years studying Russia and Russian, and managed the largest Russian-language military, technical and intelligence library in the U.S. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. She lived under Communism in the Soviet Union, then Russia, and Central Asia long enough to become bi-cultural – she became Russian. Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in a communist or dictatorship country is shared with Americans in her book, From Democracy To Democrazy, as well as an alarming expression of pure fear of Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words.

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