The Israel-Hamas War and Putin’s Role

The Israel – Hamas War I often receive political messages from others, and this morning I found a “peace plan” for the Israel-Hamas war written by Jeffrey Sachs. His plan – as usual – is excellent. He wrote: “In all the years of Hamas rule in Gaza after 2007, Hamas has never captured Israel territory, much less remotely threatened Israel’s existence or survival. Simply, it couldn’t do so even if it wanted. Hamas has around 30,000 fighters, compared with more than 600,000 active and reserve personnel in the IDF. Hamas lacks an air force, armored unit, a military-industrial base, and […]

The Future of the United States

The Future of the United States A message to Elizabeth Graham from Heather Cox Richardson begins by saying:  “On a clear, cold morning of December 1890, on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, three U.S. soldiers tried to wrench a valuable Winchester away from a young Lakota man.”  In the end, these soldiers massacred the men, women, and children of the Lakota’s that day. What a heart-wrenching tale, but with an incredible ending of “One of the curses of history is that we cannot go back and change the course leading to disasters, no matter how much we might […]

TIME 100 Edition, June 2022 The Most Influential Persons of 2021-2022

The recent edition of TIME100 Magazine dated June 2, 2022, is dedicated to the most influential persons worldwide. Inside the front cover is the message from the Editor-i-Chief/CEO, Edward Felsenthal. He called this edition the “Power for Good,” where it describes the contents of this magazine. He says “When our team gets together to choose the TIME100, we have one barometer: influence. Who shaped the year? Who stood up? Who stood out? Influence, of course, may be for good or for ill – a dichotomy never more visible than in this year’s TIME100 which describes both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr […]


This blog was written in response to a reader named Julie who claimed I was crazy. Dear Julie: I am not crazy, and I am also not brainwashed like most of the Republicans in our country. Mass-mind manipulation – aka brainwashing – began in totalitarian countries less than 100 years ago. At the time, it wasn’t called “brainwashing.” In September 1950, during the first year of the Korean War, Edward Hunter, an American journalist who had worked in wartime intelligence, and post-war with the CIA, coined (or, more accurately, first popularized) the term brainwashing, and left no doubt for his readers […]

Response to Jeffrey Sach’s Article Called A Framework for Peace in Israel and Palestine

I have read Jeffrey Sach’s latest plea for peace which includes an excellent proposal by the UN for the requisite steps to a more lasting peace in Israel and Palestine. There is one piece of this puzzle that the UN and Jeffrey Sach have failed to recognize. Putin’s involvement with Hamas via Iran is obvious. This is a man – who Russians compare to Stalin and who wishes to rule the world and who violently hates the United States and our democracy. Hamas began this war when it benefitted Putin. Since the Israel-Hamas war began, U.S. media commentators have nearly […]

Trump’s Stupidity – The Russia Connection

Trump’s admission of his guilt is a reflection of not just his stupidity, but the arrogance with which he leads his life. This is a man who is lock, stock, and barrel under the control of Vladimir Putin who is a dictator who wishes to destroy the United States. Trump’s stupidity led to his 4 bankruptcies, which led to NO loans from U.S. banks, which led to his borrowing money and sucked into working with Russians. Russians loan money to foreigners for ONE reason – to gain control and compromise that individual. They loaned about $9 million to France’s opposition […]

Trump’s Biggest Lie

PROOF TRUMP IS A LIAR! The biggest LIE told by Trump is that “he has no ties with Russians, that he has no deals and no loans with Russians, and no nothing with Russians.” i All evidence points to the fact that Donald J. Trump committed treason with Russia after Putin took office. Trump Jr said in 2008, that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” If money from Russia does in fact make up a large portion of the Trump assets, then […]