Call it Like it is – American Brainwashing

A Unique Modern Phenomenon –

American Brainwashing

Let’s Call it What it is!

The Trump-Russia connection is a terrifying reality. The shadow cast by Putin over the landscape of American democracy and American lives, and his influence and CONTROL over Trump grows larger and darker by the moment. The book called From Democracy to Democrazy reveals, in detail, Putin’s carefully hidden plan to the American public. – the facts, the evidence, and the proof.

The Mueller Report failed to fully inform the American public about the Russian invasion and Trump’s relationship to Russia.  I believe this was due to Barr’s long-term friendship with Mueller and the fact that Barr did not want to work on a “treason: case against Trump as the DA.”  The Jack Smith trial may not see the light of day before the election.  It is up to each of us to spread the truth about Trump and Russia.

The Trump followers – a unique modern phenomenon – have been unknowingly engaged in coercive control techniques (aka brainwashing) used daily by Donald Trump. Mass mind manipulation began in totalitarian countries about 100 years ago. It was used in China, Italy, Germany, Austria, and so on. Lo and behold we find the exact same methodologies used in the United States. It is defined as “telling lies over and over until it is perceived as the truth” (wikipedia) – like Trump’s big lie about the election being stolen when Biden won in 2020 by 7-8 million votes. Once a person is convinced there may be little to no independent thought. If a lie contains hatred – which is used daily by Trump – it releases a chemical in the human brain to enact violence – what we saw on January 6th. Jim Jones was a cult leader who amassed a following of about 900 persons. He told them all to drink KoolAid laced with poison and they all died. Hitler turned an entire peaceful nation into mass murderers who slaughtered over 6 million humans.          


I was at a book signing event at Barnes and Noble in Tucson, AZ. A middle-aged woman came up to me and said: “I think Putin is a great leader.” I opened my mouth to respond but was so shocked that nothing came out. These were the EXACT SAME WORDS used by Trump one week prior and immediately after Putin invaded Ukraine.

I agree with others who think that Trump will not win in 2024 – but what happens if Russian hacking into our election process nudges Trump into office AGAIN?  MicroSoft has proved that 58% of all cyber attacks into the U.S. come from Russia. ( This includes: food and supplies, gas and oil, military and security, and they have admitted to the 2016 election interference and said this will continue. ( 2022) Who knows if Americans are receiving correct information or doctored disinformation?  

Not long ago, Americans were told by our media that our economy was headed for a recession and Trump was leading Biden in the polls  – false information.  The Bureau of Economic Analysis said that “our economy showed strong growth and ended the last quarter of 2023 at an 3.3% increase. Meanwhile, unemployment remains low, wages are high, and inflaton is receding.” (Substack, Heather Cox Richardson on 01/25/2024). Had the Russians hacked into our election information again or even our polls?

 In 2008, Trump Jr. stated in a NY conference that the Trump organization ( had received $100 million from Russian banks. Russian banks – who are all controlled by the KGB/FSB – DO NOT loan money to foreigners just to earn interest on the balance. They give money for two reasons: (1) launder black cash into a foreign country, and (2) to obligate a foreigner to work for Russia. Trump and his organization received large sums of Russian black cash (KGB payroll) about 10 years or more before he became the President of the U.S. Trump’s loyalty to Russia appears to be strong, since this is his largest source of income and they will keep him on their payroll as long as he is useful – can provide secret or top secret information or help the Russians further destroy our country.

Trump (visited Russia many, many times after 1990)* and acquired his brainwashing skills from Putin who spent his spy career in East Germany. He brought back the Hitler/German methodologies to Russia. In a book published in Russia in 1997 called The Foundations of Geopolitics (Putin was assumed to be the ghost writer of this book since it calls out his steps as the 2nd President of Russia), he declares his number one goal as President is the destruction of the U.S. democracy from within. – he is succeeding. He blames the U.S. for the destruction of the USSR and vows revenge.  Americans do not understand much outside of our four walls (borders). This needs to change.

If the Trump followers do not wake up from their cult-like and mindless behavior – they will aid Putin in his destruction of our country and hand over the keys to our democracy without even a fight.



* Donald Trump has pursued business deals in Russia since 1987, and has repeatedly traveled there to explore potential business opportunities. In 1996, Trump trademark applications were submitted for potential Russian real estate development deals. Trump, his children, and his partners have repeatedly visited Russia, connecting with real estate developers and Russian government officials to explore joint venture opportunities. Trump was never able to successfully conclude any real estate deals in Russia. However, individual Russians have invested heavily in Trump properties,



Elizabeth Graham worked and lived in Russia and Central Asia off and on for about 20 years.  She learned to speak Russian and became bi-cultural.  Kirkus Professional Reviewers states:  Graham’s comparative assessment between life in the U.S. and life in Russia is a deeply personal account of her own life.  It is an intriguing and informative “must read” from a woman who is probably among the best informed Americans on the terrifying realities concerning Putin’s motivations, the KGB/FSB, business/crime in Russia, and most importantly the deep, dark clandestine relationship between Putin and Trump – a relationship which obstructed American politics and American lives from 2015 to today.”

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