A Democracy In Trouble

The official chart of the deficit as a percentage of the GDP (gross domestic product) shows that Obama started his term after G.W. Bush at -10% but ended his term at -3%. Trump took over and the percentage dropped dramatically to -18% by the end of his term in 2020. This was the largest drop in U.S. history. In 2019, during Trump – the U.S. Government spending was up 49.1% from the previous year while income was down 13.4%. Anyone in the ENTIRE WORLD who spends about 50% more than they make are heading for bankruptcy – but then Trump had already filed four bankruptcies so he had no qualms about filing again. He spent $118 million on travel with more than 227 days at various gold courses that he owns – money in his own pockets. How many days did Biden spend playing golf?

In 2020 with Trump, the U.S. trade balance was at an all-time low of minus $676.7 Billion. Economists use the trade balance to determine the stability of a country.

Once Biden took over the Presidency, the economy went from a historic low of -18% to now in 2023 at -2.5% – our democracy was rescued. (https:rsmus.com/insights/economics/us-economic-outlook-fiscal-policy-html).
However, this U.S. fiscal path is unsustainable and our debt has exceeded our revenue since G.W. Bush in 2005 when he engaged in two wars: Afghanistan and Iraq.

The purpose of the Afghanistan War was to find Bin Laden and kill him. Our army searched every cave in Afghanistan and thousands of our troops were killed. Bin Laden was NOT found in a cave or even in Afghanistan. He was in a large home in Pakistan. Once killed by American troops, the U.S. Government continued this war for another 10 years! The Iraq War was to find and destroy “weapons of mass destruction. (WMD)” It turned out there were NO WMD in Iraq. Another wasteful war with money squandered and lives destroyed.

When Clinton left the White House, he had a balanced budget at +5%. So this is the true and documented history of our economy for the last twenty years. However, our economy and our lives have also been impacted by Russian daily cyber-attacks. The cost of food and gas have increased, due to the Russians hacking into our supply chains. Microsoft has proved that 58% of all hacking into our country comes Russia and most of the remainder comes from China – both dictatorship countries. This leads to inflation.

So please, do not just throw out your personal dislike of Biden by quoting misinformation. You most likely do not read the Economist or The New York Times – both reporting accurate financial information. If you listen to FOX News – they have already admitted in Court to providing the American public disinformation and lies regarding Trump.

Biden is our best hope for a better tomorrow for our democracy and for our families. This man has the experience and knowledge to lead our country – 40+ years as a Senator, 8 years as a Vice President, and now 4 years as a President. Our economy has drastically improved since Trump left office. Trump on the other hand, has 91 felony charges against him, has been convicted of fraud (with substantial proof), is in the process of loosing his businesses, filed 4 bankruptcies, and has threatened to transform our democracy into a dictatorship should he win in 2024.
I lived for about 20 years in Russia and Central Asia. These are 6 dictatorship countries. I know what it feels like to daily live without any civil or legal rights, which means you could be incarcerated or murdered for any drummed-up reason. Is this really the life you want?

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret Clearance at a young age and worked undercover with the CIA for nearly a decade. Then she joined Science Applications International, a division called the Foreign Systems Research Center (FSRC) where she spent 12 years of which 8 years was studying Russian. Her job as the Data Base Manager of the largest Russian-language military, technical, and intelligence library taught her to “correct” technical Russian. She was also the Software Configuration Manager for a $5M USG contract to deploy and mobilize Russian troops and trains in the case of a declaration of war. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. This move was intended to be for one year, but twenty years later she was still returning to live/work in former communist and dictator countries. She was also a consultant in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Rwanda. Over time, she became “Russianized.” Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in a communist or dictator-led country is shared with Americans in her book From Democracy to Democrazy. Few Americans appreciate our democracy and freedoms more than Graham. This book is intended as a “warning” to all Americans regarding Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words and how his actions are destroying our precious democracy.

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