This blog was written in response to a reader named Julie who claimed I was crazy.

Dear Julie:
I am not crazy, and I am also not brainwashed like most of the Republicans in our country. Mass-mind manipulation – aka brainwashing – began in totalitarian countries less than 100 years ago. At the time, it wasn’t called “brainwashing.” In September 1950, during the first year of the Korean War, Edward Hunter, an American journalist who had worked in wartime intelligence, and post-war with the CIA, coined (or, more accurately, first popularized) the term brainwashing, and left no doubt for his readers that the problem was important and real. Jul 13, 2022 Wikipedia.

Brainwashing is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Wikipedia However, it is real and has been used in every single speech given to the American public by Donald Trump. It is repeating lies over and over until they are perceived to be the truth. It is also said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values, and beliefs.

There was initially no widely used term to explain such attempts at forced persuasion, but that changed in the context of Mao Zedong’s victory in China and the Korean War some years later. Edward Hunter, a wartime propagandist with the US Office of Strategic Services, is credited with coining the flamboyant term ‘brainwashing’ in 1950 to account for mysterious confessions extracted from Western prisoners of war by the Chinese government. After brutal treatment, some victims not only confessed to unlikely charges but also appeared to be sympathetic to their captors. Brainwashing later made a prominent appearance in the film The Manchurian Candidate (1962), in which the evil Dr Yen Lo explains to a Communist co-conspirator that his American prisoner has ‘been trained to kill and then to have no memory of having killed … His brain has not only been washed … it has been dry-cleaned.’

Brainwashing was used extensively by Hitler, who converted an entire peaceful nation into mass murderers. Seven million people were tortured and slain. It was used by Stalin in Russia, and history tells us that Stalin massacred at least 20 million humans. Jim Jones, who thought he was God, amassed a following of over 900 people – women, men, and children. He told them all to drink Kool Aid laced with poison. They all perished.

Russia is no longer a communist country. It is a true dictatorship lead by Vladimir Putin. This is a man who hates the Unites States and he blames our country for the downfall of the Soviet Union. He was a Cold War-era spy in Germany and absorbed Hitlers’ methods of manipulation. In 1997, he participated in writing the Foundation of Geopolitics which outlined his goals for the Russian Federation once he became President. It discusses the destruction of American democracy, the obliteration of Ukraine and absorb this land into Russia, the development of France and Germany as partners, the Russian military after communism, and potential world domination. Russia has admitted to hacking into our elections and polls in 2016, and they have said it will continue. The Russian Government wants Donald Trump in the White Houde. This should scare every single American.

The Russian KGB and FSB compromise a foreigner in many ways. The most common method used is prostitution. Every hotel room in Russia where a foreigner-stays has spy devices (cameras and microphones). They also have “professional KGB women” knocking on the hotel door all night and offering services. The whole world is aware of Trump’s use of professional women. Second, the loan money to or propose business transactions to a foreigner. In 2008, Trump Jr. openly bragged that the majority of Trump revenue comes from deals with Russians.

Donald Trump, who not only admires Putin but is probably a compromised asset for Russia, has talked about converting the American democracy to a dictatorship. January 6, 2021, and the insurrection was a sample of the violence we could expect if Trump was re-elected. It is called a DICTATORSHIP – WHERE YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS and NO VOICE.

Believe nothing just because someone else believes it
Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret Clearance at a young age and worked undercover with the CIA for nearly a decade. Then she joined Science Applications International, a division called the Foreign Systems Research Center (FSRC) where she spent 12 years of which 8 years was studying Russian. Her job as the Data Base Manager of the largest Russian-language military, technical, and intelligence library taught her to “correct” technical Russian. She was also the Software Configuration Manager for a $5M USG contract to deploy and mobilize Russian troops and trains in the case of a declaration of war. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. This move was intended to be for one year, but twenty years later she was still returning to live/work in former communist and dictator countries. She was also a consultant in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Rwanda. Over time, she became “Russianized.” Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in a communist or dictator-led country is shared with Americans in her book From Democracy to Democrazy. Few Americans appreciate our democracy and freedoms more than Graham. This book is intended as a “warning” to all Americans regarding Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words and how his actions are destroying our precious democracy.

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