Response to Jeffrey Sach’s Article Called A Framework for Peace in Israel and Palestine

I have read Jeffrey Sach’s latest plea for peace which includes an excellent proposal by the UN for the requisite steps to a more lasting peace in Israel and Palestine. There is one piece of this puzzle that the UN and Jeffrey Sach have failed to recognize.

Putin’s involvement with Hamas via Iran is obvious. This is a man – who Russians compare to Stalin and who wishes to rule the world and who violently hates the United States and our democracy. Hamas began this war when it benefitted Putin. Since the Israel-Hamas war began, U.S. media commentators have nearly ignored the Ukrainian war and their grueling fight for survival against their gargantuan next-door neighbor – Russia and a dictatorship government.
From December 25, 2018, until January 25, 2019, Trump shutdown all government operations due to a budget crisis. This period of 36 days was the longest government shutdown in the history of our country. Putin was ecstatic and he understands that our democracy is vulnerable during this timeframe.
The Maga and other Trump-supported elected Congressional officials are aggressively and insistently advocating funding for the Israel-Hamas war, however their suggested budget leaves no funding to Ukraine. Again, this is exactly what Putin wished for!!!

In 1997, a book was published in Russia called The Foundations of Geopolitics. Putin was believed to be the ghost writer, since this book surfaced right before he became the second President of Russia. This book purports to outline Russia’s proposed world power expansion under Putin’s leadership.

Topics discussed: Russian military operations post communism, the destruction and absorption of Ukraine into Russia, the pre-NATO expansion countries again under Russia control, Brexit, the infiltration and destruction of the United States and Britain, the development of France and Germany as partners to Russia (a Russian bank loaned the leading French Presidential contender Ms. Le Pen $9 million dollars), and so on. Russia loans money to world leaders as a means of control and influence. Trump has been involved in business with Russians for many years. At a conference in N.Y in 2008, Trump Jr. said “In terms of high-end product influx into the U.S. ( into the Trump Organization), Russians make up a pretty disproportionate (high) cross-section of our assets.” In other words, the majority of income to Trump’s organization comes from Russia. It is no wonder Trump jumps through hoops to please Putin. Most of the steps outlined in this book have been realized or in process. Putin is serious about world domination and destruction of our democracy, and it is time Americans begin to realize what is happening in our own country as well as worldwide.

It was Putin via Trump who organized the disastrous American pull-out of Afghanistan, leaving the country again under the Taliban rule. I have been to Afghanistan during the first Taliban rule, and they are ruthless. (Read From Democracy to Democrazy, Chapter 8).

And I believe that it was Putin who helped provide money/weapons to Hamas – perhaps through Iran – and set the timing of their invasion and slaughter of Israelis to distract from his war in Ukraine. Israel, Palestine, or the rest of our world order will never see peace as long as Putin is planning world domination. Let’s be clear – Russia now operates as a dictatorship – a one-man show. Putin spent his life working as a spy with the KGB. He hates the United States and our democracy and will take any steps necessary to see its annihilation. Communism, a form of social order, no longer functions in Russia. There is a vast difference.

U.N. intervention is the only source that may save Ukraine and restore their country to democracy, so why has the United Nations only helped Ukrainian refugees and taken no action to resolve the war?

While this U.N. Framework for Peace in Israel and Palestine is superb, it completely ignores the “elephant in the world” who still lives in the Cold War era and has plans to continue his march toward global domination via wars, via international cyber-attacks, and via lending money/business deals to world leaders which results in bribery – including Trump.

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret Clearance at a young age and worked undercover with the CIA for nearly a decade. Then she joined Science Applications International, a division called the Foreign Systems Research Center (FSRC) where she spent 12 years of which 8 years was studying Russian. Her job as the Data Base Manager of the largest Russian-language military, technical, and intelligence library taught her to “correct” technical Russian. She was also the Software Configuration Manager for a $5M USG contract to deploy and mobilize Russian troops and trains in the case of a declaration of war. She began to travel to the Soviet Union and then became one of the very few Americans to move to the USSR. This move was intended to be for one year, but twenty years later she was still returning to live/work in former communist and dictator countries. She was also a consultant in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Rwanda. Over time, she became “Russianized.” Her first-hand knowledge and understanding of life in a communist or dictator-led country is shared with Americans in her book From Democracy to Democrazy. Few Americans appreciate our democracy and freedoms more than Graham. This book is intended as a “warning” to all Americans regarding Trump’s behavior, decisions, and words and how his actions are destroying our precious democracy.

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